We help you to

  • Maximize your existing space
  • Find the right furniture
  • Find solutions that fit your
  • Find solutions for your
Since 1985, CF Rutherford & Associates has been designated a Woman’s Business Enterprise, owned and operated by President Marianne Millnamow who is dedicated to providing functional, flexible and cost effective office furnishings and services. We continue to be awarded numerous private, federal, state and city contracts for both large and small scale projects. We understand what our clients want. Not glossy sales and buzz terms, not take- a-number and wait your turn. No surprise once the project is underway, but old fashioned attention and concern, old fashion dependability. A company that takes the time to get to know their clients, and then stays with them. A company that offers stability and simplicity in complex times; flexibility in an every-changing business climate; vast and reliable expertise in a market flooded with newcomers.

We offer our clients the most comprehensive office furniture procurement solutions. We have no allegiance
to a major manufacturer, thus no quotas to meet, no conflict of interest. We are able to offer our clients
the right products for the right price. You can count on the professionals at CF Rutherford for the knowledge,
skill and drive to get the most for your money.